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Our Rate of Success

Naturally, anyone contemplating legal representation on a claim for disability benefits wants to find a lawyer who will win his or her case. There are many attorneys in the Syracuse area and nationally who handle disability claims. Few of them publish information about their rate of success with such claims. Our office is different. We have an extraordinary record of success with the cases we handle, and we are proud to share it publicly:


  • Since January 1, 2007, we have won 100% of the long term disability and Social Security disability claims we handled.

How have we achieved this record of success?  It is not that we only handle easy cases.   We regularly represent individuals with the most complex and demanding disability claims, including those previously represented by other firms whose claims have been denied.  We are selective about who we represent.  We are not a disability meat market.  You won't find us hawking our services on TV.  Most of our clients are referred to us by physicians, lawyers, past clients and others who know the quality of our work. 

Our success is not illusory nor cheaply earned.  It is the result of in depth understanding of medical issues and the rules for determining disability, careful and individualized case preparation, and a 30-year reputation for professional competence and integrity among judges and others who adjudicate disability claims.  We are unmatched in this regard.


Of course, prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.  However, our record of success speaks for itself and sets us apart. Our clients benefit from our experience, skill and focus; and most of all, they benefit from our proven ability to win! If you are disabled and serious about winning your case, contact us.  We welcome your call.





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