The Social Security Disability Law Office of Frank A. Clark   A Proven Winner.
Disability insurance provides vital income to individuals whose health problems prevent them from working. But the success of a disability claim often depends on a person's ability to prove that his or her situation meets a number of complex requirements.

Our office is exclusively dedicated to representing individuals seeking Social Security disability and long-term disability insurance.

Our principal, Frank Clark, is a seasoned lawyer with a unique understanding of the complicated legal and medical issues that arise in disability cases. He handles all of our cases personally. Frank is committed to representing each of our clients courteously, expeditiously and successfully.

Over the years, we have represented individuals with almost every conceivable kind of medical disorder. When putting together a disability claim, we analyze most medical problems the same way. It is our basic job to determine how a given disorder restricts our client's ability to function in a work setting, and then present persuasive proof of that to the Social Security Administration.

The law office of Frank A. Clark, attorney, Syracuse, New York, represents people with claims for Social Security disability benefits and long-term disability insurance.

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